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A lot of my interpretation does not abide by classical astrological 'rules.' I promote free thinking, being your own source. Take what feels right from your reading. Let some be under consideration, observation, on reserve. You may grow into it! Let the rest go.

I didn't believe in astrology, my family were scientists and farmers, and not the almanac type! When I got dispirited with corporate life, I picked up an astrology book at a friend's house and was shocked to find it described me so well! I started classes and soon people were paying me to do readings. That shocked me too! Astrological conferences became a passion. I went to all I could afford to get to, discussed the universe with many master astrologers, have read several PhD's worth of books!

My first training was esoteric (spiritual) astrology. Over the years it has become a blend of spiritual and practical. Now I still don't 'believe' in astrology; I see it work. I'm so proud to see many of my client's pictures in the papers. I like to think what I shared helped get them there. Now I have clients world wide.

You can Imagine my consternation when people started asking, 'Are you psychic?' Psychics came to me for readings and said they 'watched' me 'channel.' People said to me 'When I get my reading I want you to use the psychic aspect of yourself.' Hmm…. As time went on I realized I always had used those skills. I didn't call them that. I think I use them on a 'need to know' basis, meaning most of the time I just look at those charts and say what I see. But sometimes I say things with very casual everyday wording that turns out to be so incredibly specific we're amazed! If you didn't have your voice file to listen back to, it may have seemed like nothing at all. So I don't bill myself as a psychic, but that aspect is there when we need it.

People say I'm gifted to inspire them to have the courage to make a new start in their life. I seem to have a knack for putting the overview of the patterns past, present, future together so the old fears don't bite them quite so hard anymore. I tell the practical truth about relationships gently and get people on a program I call 'homework.' I keep the balance about each partner's part/responsibility in their relationship. I'm a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy consultant. I'm proud I was in Jim Lewis's, award winning founder of modern astro location mapping, first seminar in 1985! I love reading Astro*Locality maps. I'm excited helping people get their first business up, the start up date, fine tuning what and where they will market, adding profitable ideas. Often the business name they have used popped into my head during their reading!

I've lived in Santa Barbara, California 42 years. My retail shop Astro*Logical, was a mainstay in the community for 15 years. Backpacking was a passion, have done many eight day solo trips, many a mile of volunteer trail maintenance as a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger with the Forest Service. I have attended Native American Bear Dances, sweats, Elder Gatherings. I love animals, gardening vegetables. I am passionate about sustainable living.

I really believe in taking good care of yourself and am proud to say I've learned a lot about myself off and on with good counselors, classes. I've been there. I'm walking your walk with you. I keep reading and listening, never stop learning. If you want to learn astrology, I'll help you, teach you everything I can.

Be good to yourself and Mother Earth.

You Deserve the Best

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