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Additional Notes for After Your Relationship Reading

After your reading, please make copies/backups of your voice file and charts, two sets if you are sharing them. Your reading is uniquely about you two, and perhaps confidential for one or both of you, so, master copies in a safe place, archive, is good. Keep your chart originals protected in your Astro Portfolio.

Listen to your voice file soon again, both privately and together. It's great to have the chart copies to make magic reminder notes on. Talk things over, compare notes. Schedule another listen before important upcoming times indicated by astrology, before a significant event already scheduled, or as either of you may need it.

It is important to document, take care of your life and also to honor the other's/your partner's privacy. With your partner's permission, ask a trusted friend, parent, who would be supportive to both of you, if they would be willing to listen to your voice file. Get those precious insights from ones who know you! They can see your blind spots, support you as you may need in ways you might not realize you could ask for.

With your partner's permission, take your charts/reading to other astrologers. It is invaluable to get second opinions . Ask if your astrology friendly minister, teacher or counselor would be willing to listen to your voice file. Many therapists are astrology knowledgeable. If you are considering going to a counselor, you can ask if they know astrology, get one specially gifted to your needs. Ask your friends who have had successful couples counseling for such a referral.

Explore the magic of the power of two! The charts with the concentric rings labeled 'Tri-unequal Wheel' in the bottom right corner, have your chart in the center, your partner's around it, how your partner impinges on you; then the reverse, yours around your partner's, how you impinge on them. The third, outmost wheel, has the current Transits, what's happening now.

For your convenience, the second pages of your comparison charts, labeled 'Synastry Grid 2' in the bottom right corner, graphs all the aspects between your two charts, yours to theirs, theirs to yours. This way you won't overlook an important aspect. Delightfully informative. Useful. Easy to look up.

Special relationship books you may enjoy….

Astrology of Human Relationships, Sakoian & Acker, practical, lots of text for the $

How to Handle Your Human Relations, Sargent, small but deadly accurate!

Relationships & Life Cycles, Arroyo, a how-to-compare-charts book

Relating, An Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet, Greene (a Brit), Jungian

Saturn, A New Look at an Old Devil, Greene again, excellent section on Saturn in relationships

As always, I think it is good to look up your comparison information in at least three sources. You can buy or borrow a couple, from friends or the library, to get started; play on the internet. If you get steeped in one person's way of thinking you tend to take that bias. There are so many ways relationships can play out. Depends on background, cultural and family differences, literally chart differences by sign and house, your progressions and/or transits, location, family or community supportiveness, maturity, etc.! Astrologers' interpretations vary because of these same factors in their own charts/lives! With several books and an inquisitive mind, you stay open to more creative solutions, add thoughts of your own.

And there is always private tutoring if you get stuck!

Certain aspects are simply difficult. All the rest of a comparison may be wonderful, but that one aspect may be the reason one partner leaves. Sometimes there are just too many difficult aspects no matter how informed you are, how much counseling you have done, how mature you are. Nothing wrong with the people, just more different than is fun. Relationships are learning places, a part of your soul's growth. Often, compatibility is not the issue, understanding is everything. Be good to each other.

Each of you is unique. Differences can be celebrated and delegated! Thank God you don't have to do everything yourself! Each person gifts our path; let them give their gift! The soul knows its perfect choices. Each of us is on our soul's very own timing, doing the best we can. Your wisdom and strengthening, practice and power, is to choose with whom and how long that makes sense.

Readings of comparison charts with parents and past lovers, you/your partner/your children are most informative and helpful. Track both yours and your partner's tendencies, family interplays.

Every relationship has special purpose. Our partners help us see what we can't see by ourselves. Explore the adventure! You have nothing to lose, everything to gain! Everything you learn, you take with you, separately or together! The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!!!

I pray you take the very best care of yourselves and each other, Precious Ones. Stay in your hearts.

Thank each other every day. What we are grateful for grows.

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