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Additional Notes for After Your Relocation Reading

If it's a new location you are looking for, check it out!

Take a trip!

Whether you are looking for an action packed metropolitan area or a quiet home in the country, it may be time to experience it in person if you can afford to. Before you go, the usual chamber of commerce, brochures, newspaper subscriptions, etc. are in order. It's often difficult to get all the data for the many little places in the suburbs, and, of course, there are areas where there are no astrological charts for, those little nooks in the county near the city. If it is a small or remote area, get the information for its nearest big neighbors that you would do business with, for example, where you would work, drive to town to get your groceries. Those places would be part of your home base as well.

Sometimes the mechanics of map and chart reading just doesn't substitute for going there and feeling it. Drive the area, both daytime and at night, weekday and weekend. Perhaps take time to stop, stand, still yourself. Look. Does it fill your spirit eyes sweetly? Close your eyes. How does it sound? Smell? Do you feel comfortable with the people, their culture? Do they warm to you, do you feel 'at home?' Would your family like it, will you miss your family if too far away? Does the climate suit you? Is there any one little nagging item that if you let yourself admit it, it would be the one flaw that would eventually make you leave? If it were your clothes, would you wear it? Is it a place you could grow into? Meet the neighbors. Would you feel proud to tell people where you are from?

Go to the oldest areas, see its roots. Go to the newest areas, see if you like the directions they're taking. When you find places you like, if you can, get the city's 'birthdata' so you can compare with your chart for any hidden item you may have overlooked or didn't think to consider or emotionally may not want to acknowledge. An example, a place may be nifty for creativity (Sun) but you may need to sell (Mercury, Venus) your work elsewhere.

Plan ahead, use your best times when you have clear thinking aspects to visit and make your decision. It's a great excuse for a road trip! Seriously, it's a big investment and can be a lot of fun!


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