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Books & Software

Astro Tools You Can Count On!
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Use what your spirit learns best from.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology, Gerwick-Brodeus, full of fun easy-to-use info

The Inner Sky, Steven Forrest, uses imagery & story telling to illustrate astro principles

Stephen Arroyo's Chart Interpretation Handbook, Stephen Arroyo, complete basic primer

The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian & Acker, practical, lot of read for the $

Planets in Youth, Rob Hand, a must for both children and adults!

There are many other wonderful books! Choose what you'll use and….

You just can't read enough on this topic! So many authors, so many insights and ways of approaching what's dear to our hearts!

Relationships & Life Cycles by Stephen Arroyo - Explains basic principles of comparing charts

How to Handle Your Human Relations, Lois Sargent - small book,on the mark

Astrology of Human Relationships, Sakoian & Acker - practical, lots of text for the $ and...

Saturn, A New Look at an Old Devil!, Liz Greene - excellent section on Saturn in relationships

A loving study. Spirit will show you many things, trust your insight & intuition.

Not many books yet, but see LINKS

Astro*Carto*Graphy Explained, Jim Lewis - the booklet that comes with the map

Planets on the Move, Dobyns and Pottenger - Relocation book. Thorough, with extensive case studies, asteroids interpretations and a 'Quick Guide.'

The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy, Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving - psychological

The Geostel Brownbook, Julian Lee. Julian believes if you live somewhere a long time, the relocated chart works better than your birthchart. I agree.

Planets in Locality, Exploring Local Space Astrology, Steve Cozzi - This IS different than the Jim Lewis style of Astro*Locality

Next to buying your home, deciding where to buy it is your most parallel investment!

Progressions & Transits, The Time of Your Life!

Roadmap to Your Future, Bernie Ashman - Progressions & Transits both

The Changing Sky, Steven Forrest - Progressions & Transits both

Planets in Transit, Rob Hand - the transit Bible! Psychological.

Predictive Astrology, Sakoian & Acker - Lot of text for the money

As with all astrology, when you read, keep in mind there are positive and negative, active and passive elements to every Sign, Planet, House, Aspect, you name it. I think it is especially important to read more than one author when you read up on your timing.

This is the most powerful Western astrology you can study. Be sure you are thoroughly grounded in basic astrology before you start this one!

Horary Astrology, The History and Practice of Astro-Divination, Anthony Louis - compares ancient & modern practice

Simplified Horary Astrology, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson - it isn't! It's detailed.

Horary Astrology, Derek Appleby - add to the breadth of your practical philosophy


Keep up with your community, events, stay alert to planet action!

Mountain Astrologer - Bimonthly, for all levels, description of daily astro events

Planet Earth - Bimonthly, for the serious student


Tools of the Trade
You can learn much more effectively, use astrology much more efficiently with these tools

Maynard's Calendars - Especially the Pocket Astrologer! It is like a little mini course in daily astrology for only $4.95! Pacific or Eastern.

Llewellyn's Calendars - The Daily Planetary Guide has asteroid positions and aspects, very convenient to use. Pacific or Eastern.

Valliere's Natural Cycles Almanac, Jim Valliere - Invaluable for hourly planning, making appointments. Used originally, and still used, for trading commodities. Purchase through AstroLabe.

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I encourage you to get your own software! The more we do astrology, the more healing there will be. We can support each other more accurately, we can communicate more graciously. Your quality of life goes up!

There are two companies that are like the grandpas of astrology software.

Astrolabe - sells Solar Fire and Nova (see Links & Sources)

Matrix Software - sells Win*Star Plus, Win*Star Express (see Links & Sources)

Both are ethical, provide an accurate program. Just tell them what you want and what hardware you've got, they will match you exactly to what you need. Talk with both, or others, before you decide, there may be options you might not have thought of, you might decide you want more than what you first thought! Get sample printouts to see if they make your eyes happy.

Another approach is to talk with a major software distributor like Cheshire Rose, ask for Sam Heaton (see Links & Sources). If you are buying several programs, spending several hundred dollars, go in person, if you can, to distributors or conferences. See the programs demonstrated on screen, try them yourself. You get a real feel for the programs, their ease of use.

Breathe easy…. Let me reassure you it's ok to take the time it takes to learn.
Do you have any other choice?! Smile.
When you get stuck, go on to another topic, sleep on it.

Astrology is intricate and multi layered.

One of the most beautiful things that happens is how we start seeing around corners! Our minds expand!

It's work! And worth it!!! So Good Luck and stay with it.

Many thanks!

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