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Astro*Chat's Newsletter

Issue Number 11


Bridging the Abyss, Saluting Valorous Virgos, Welcome to yet
another life changing, morsel filled, teasingly tempting edition
of Cerena's ItsAstroLogical Electronic Newsletter!
A very special thank you for referrals you make,
and Magical Mars Moments, to you all!

-- WHAT'S UP?: Current AstroLogical Sky Events!
-- BEGINNERS: Fun and fast tips that work for you
-- KOOL SITES: StarMessage, Award Winning ScreenSaver!
-- SOFTWARE ~ GREAT BOOKS: Computers & Astrology!
-- NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Mercury Retrograde Tip Sheets
-- CERENA'S TIP: Plant Smart, Eat Juicy!
-- DATES TO KEEP: August 27th! Mars Closest to Earth….

WHAT'S UP?: Current AstroLogical Sky Events!

First, Here's the Timetable for the 27th - 29th!
August 27 Jupiter enters Virgo 2:27 AM PDT
August 27 New Moon 10:26 AM PDT at 4 Virgo 2
August 27 Best night for viewing Mars because of dark sky/New Moon
August 28 Mercury starts Retrograde 6:42 AM PDT at 26 Virgo 18.9
Please go to this page, see the 'About Mercury Retrograde' section.
August 28 Pluto goes Direct 8:34 PM PDT
August 29 Jupiter opposes Uranus 9:38 PM PDT 0 degrees Virgo/Pisces


-->JUPITER OPPOSITE URANUS! The last of three, June 25, 2003!

Rather than think of Oppositions as polarizations, I invite you to
consider them as bridges, exchanges between equals….

Bill Streett of Astro-Noetics, M.A. in Philosophy and Religion, says:

Jupiter-Uranus is a clarion call of a hundred trumpets.

The experiential quality of Jupiter-Uranus alignments is akin to the joy
and thrill of being alive, truly alive. Jupiter-Uranus oppositions are
concerned with the spirit of youth, novelty, genius, creativity, and
do-it-yourself originality. It is not too dissimilar to the on-your-seat
awe-inspiring excitement of witnessing a virtuoso performer, a
radically new invention, or the rush of stumbling across something
truly astonishing and marvelous-"mind-blowing," "awesome,"
"dazzling," "devilishly creative." One knows one is witnessing a
Jupiter-Uranus time when one has a number of creative breakthroughs,
or is in rapt attention by something incredibly ingenious. For the next
12 months, the spills, chills, and thrills, of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition
should provide for a number of radically creative events and
phenomena across the globe.

Before the true crest and peak of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition,
Uranus will be conjunct Mars. When Uranus makes a major angular
relationship to Mars, technology tends to progress with greater
momentum, the status quo has a tendency of being overthrown,
rallying cries for greater freedoms become louder, violence suddenly
and abruptly flares out-of-control, and new and surprising developments
in all cultural activity intensify. As in June, be aware of increasing
technological developments; demonstrations, protest, and all
consciousness-raising activity; and even underdog upsets in the world
of sports.

Individually and collectively, Uranus-Mars is the
combination of the freedom fighter, the warrior impulse
that disrupts the status quo in favor of greater truth,
liberty, and equality. For the next four months, we will
collectively experience a Uranus-Mars conjunction.
Among other potentials, this conjunction should correlate
with an awakening of passion for justice, human rights, and greater
individual autonomy the world over.

Rosa Parks is a prime exemplar of the Uranus-Mars individual. Not only
was Parks born with a Uranus-Mars conjunction, but her fateful defiance
of segregation laws in Alabama took place when a potent Uranus square
Mars aspect formed a significant aspect to her natal Uranus-Mars
conjunction (See chart). The courage, obstinacy, and heroism that Parks
displayed was the catalyst needed to spark the U.S. Civil Rights
Movement in the 1950's. In the next four months, small, overlooked
acts of boldness and valor may indeed initiate civil rights movements
where inequity and oppression are the norm.

If you want the entire schedule of Retrogrades this year,
and Venus next year, Pacific Time Zone dates, email me,
I'll email it to you no charge! If you want hard copy, it’s
only $3!

BEGINNERS: Fun and fast tips that work for you!

TIP: Never underestimate a Virgo, there's more than meets the eye!

Virgos are number one as Authors! They have the power of the
printed word and that counts for a lot in our culture.
Astrologically you can see some Virgo biases about the Signs!

It's not just that they attend to all those little details, they
know the one that makes the difference! They are often the last
one home when the chips are down. They like to work!

In modern times, Virgos have been maligned with the tags of
prudy, sexless and bitchy. But didn't Virgins usually sell for
more?! Isn't there a sweetness too about them that can't be
surpassed? They are often quite tender with animals, can be
veterinarians, attending every need.

Often they love the land, working for campaigns to keep the
integrity of this earth and are stalwart hikers.

The day just wouldn't fly without all the services Virgos perform!
Nutritional advisors and nurses are at the top, tending the
human animal! Without your body you die. Secretarial and
bookkeeping services keep the business world humming.
Housekeepers, landscapers & gardeners keep your home a
place of joy.

They are fabulous tutors, teachers by demonstration. They
often write the training manual for the office, figuring out the
most efficient money saving method of production for the
finest quality product. They find the best prices.

Virgos, keep documentation of the work you do, submit it
before going up for review! Often even you don't even know how
much you have contributed. After all, it was all in a day's work,
wasn't it?

Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to you all.

There's much, much more....

Let me know if you want Private Tutoring! So much Fun!

Regarding the Blackout, Advanced Students please see:

* StarMessage, Amazing Award Winning ScreenSaver!
* Computers & Astrology!

BIRTHDAY SPECIAL! Virgos, let's do it!
Put this in your bookkeeping! Take advantage
of the Birthday Special! Annual Life Readings
are only $100 rather than the usual $125,
comparisons are only $125 rather than the
usual $150. This special is transferable. Give
it to someone you love, admire, want to thank!
Maybe to another hard worker?

Back to SCHOOL tools!

Take the best classes at the best times, select profs that make a
difference, choose the best times to present your work!
Let's look at your chart and timing! It's no time to waste time!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Make the best of your time! Plan ahead. Saves energy, multiplies
the good stuff!

KOOL SITES: Star Message Award Winning Screen Saver!


'StarMessage ver. 3.06 (v2003) night sky screen saver was designed
to be the favorite program for the astronomer, the dreamer and the
romantic fool. You can view the current moon phase, be notified about
the next full moon date and full moon name, while looking at a highly
realistic presentation of a starry sky. You may leave a series of short
messages on screen, and the stars will move around to form your

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! This amazing award winning
ScreenSaver will blow your mind! Check it out!

--> Astro Communications Services -
Best Locations! Plan ahead for fall and winter Sacred Sites ~
ACS is a long time reliable company, the only one that supplies the
more detailed Astro*Locality maps! The maps are only $8.95 per
continent, email is free!

These maps are the first tool I use to determine your best location.
You can order from their site, or call
them toll free 1-800-888-9985, then call or email me to make your
appointment to have them interpreted!

SOFTWARE ~ GREAT BOOKS INFO: So many questions!

--> Computers & Astrology, Your Universal User's Guide
and Reference by Patricia Foreman

How to choose and use your astrological software like a pro!

Recommended by top professionals, just
getting started, or advanced, this is a must
have book! 4 Books in one, it 1) describes
the many options available when electronically
casting charts 2) gives a software comparison
methodology 3) offers an astrological dictionary
4) has information useful for casting charts!
Well worth the $20.

A REMINDER: Please, if you decide to get Matrix Astro*Logical
Programs, purchase them through the Links page here on my website.
Just click on any of the program banner ads! I get credit. Thanks!

-->KEEP READING: Retrograde Tip Sheets <--
PRODUCT ALERT: Retrograde Tip Sheets

--> RETROGRADE TIP SHEETS Now is most certainly
THE time to get your Retrograde Set! As it is all happening!
Mercury is just about to Retrograde during the Mars Retrograde
and next May-June, Venus will Retrograde again!

TIP: Mark these important dates on your calendar, in your
appointment book! Retrograde Cycles can be used well!

All 3 of the inner planet, Mercury, Venus & Mars, Retrograde
Sheets are available! Separately Mercury & Venus are $9
each, Mars is $10. The set of all 3 is only $25!

Mars Retrogrades every other year and this is the one! Since
Mercury's Retrograde this time is during the Mars Retrograde,
it will be a pretty intense time for those whose charts are
activated! The TIP SHEETS list all the dates for you and will
give you useful ideas how to use your time well, be ready!

Mercury will be retrograding in the earth and fire signs and Mars
will retrograde in water sign Pisces! Earth is often practical, Fire
is inspirational, Pisces is artistic and intuitive! Perfect mix!

Why not get a reading now to find how these will connect with
you, your chart and upcoming progressions & transits?!

EXOTIC INFO! What do you think?!
CERENA'S TIP: Plant Smart, Eat Juicy!

Hey you Gardeners out there! Not only
juicy, but more crop! Tastier and healthier!
Organic is your best choice!

Planting by Moon Phase:

Per Our Garden Gang:
Since prehistoric times, man has been planting and harvesting crops
according to the phases of the moon. In a nutshell, it means that various
plants do best when planted or harvested at certain phases.

All crops that produce their yield above ground should be planted during
the Waxing (New to Full) Moon. The first week is especially good for crops
that have their seeds on the outside, and the second week (between the 1st
quarter and the Full Moon) is best for crops that produce seeds on the inside.

During the waning Moon (Full to New Moon) is the time to plant root crops.
No planting is to be done on the day of the New Moon or Full Moon.

Laurel at Muin Mound says:
At the simplest, one may say that one plants seeds at the New Moon,
transplants seedlings at the Full Moon. From the New Moon to the First
Quarter moonlight is, of course, increasing while the Lunar gravity forces
are decreasing; this is believed to stimulate a balanced increase in the
growth rate in both the leaf and root parts of the new plant. From the First
Quarter to Full Moon, moonlight is still increasing but so are the forces of
Lunar gravity; this is believed to stimulate leaf growth rate, only. At Full
Moon until Waning Quarter, moonlight is decreasing and so are the Lunar
gravitational forces, stimulating only the root growth rate (perfect for new
transplants). Finally, as the moon wanes completely, moonlight continues
to decrease while Lunar gravity increases again, causing a resting time in
both leaf and root growth.

Planting by Moon Sign:

Linda at says 'There is no point in planting at the correct
phase, if the Moon is in an incompatible sign ( or constellation).'

Here's a fine site for Gardening by the Moon info, even per plant!

Plant in August for early winter crops in Southern California!

--> Do-It-Yourself! Get your charts & tutoring! It's only $5 each to get
your Comparisons, a listing of your Progressions or your outer planet
Transits for a year! Or, get a reading ($150 for 1 1/2 hours) to have
everything synthesized, for you, save time! It is so worth having a
wonderful relationship! You deserve it.


Don't miss this opportunity the evening of Aug. 27th PDT!
Be sure the kids get to see it too! This will not occur again
in our lifetime, maybe for anyone living on this earth now....

The Red Planet is about to be spectacular! Earth is catching up with
Mars in an encounter that will culminate in the closest approach
between the two planets in recorded history. The next time Mars may
come this close is in 2287. Due to the way Jupiter's gravity tugs on
Mars and perturbs its orbit, astronomers can only be certain that
Mars has not come this close to Earth in the last 5,000 years, but it
may be as long as 60,000 years before it happens again.

The encounter will culminate on August 27th when Mars comes to
within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and will be (next to the moon) the
brightest object in the night sky. Mars will be easy to spot. At the
beginning of August it will rise in the east at 10p.m. and reach its
azimuth at about 3 a.m.

By the end of August when the two planets are closest, Mars will rise
at nightfall and reach its highest point in the sky at 12:30a.m. That's
pretty convenient to see something that no human being has seen in
recorded history. So, mark your calendar at the beginning of August
to see Mars grow progressively brighter and brighter throughout the
month. Share this with your children and grandchildren.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, let's celebrate under the starry skies! It would be special to be
invited to your Mars, Harvest Moon Party to do mini readings! What
a lovely time of year to gather, share the blessings.

My only request is to be fed tasty food and given good water to drink!
Call me, 898-7888, I'll put it on my calendar!

HAPPY WEEKEND and happy Mars watching!
Thank you for your support!

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May we meet all our challenges!


Many thanks!

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