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Astro*Chat's Newsletter

Issue Number 116


Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Holidays!

Capricorns, All, Always Victory, Always LOVE! Lovin' U :)
You are welcome yet again to another edition of Cerena's ItsAstroLogical
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-- STAR*SMART: Jupiter sextile Chiron all during Capricorn
Saturn trine Neptune – Rock and Water
Uranus square Pluto ongoing  
  Christmas Eve New Moon
Jan 8 Full Moon
Getting ready for Mars Retrograde
-- SIGN*SMART: Capricorn, the Candle of Winter
-- PRODUCT ALERT: Holiday Readings, Reports, Programs!
-- DATES TO KEEP: Christmas!



Did you see the Eclipse?!   I woke up at 5:30 AM, saw the crescent, pulled sweats and a down jacket over my pjs, tugged on my Uggs, gathered up the small wonder dog Clover, and off we went! It was fast and awesome. Other viewers were out, a taxi driver, a jogger, early uppers. We stayed until 6:10 when it seemed complete, and with cold hands from holding the binoculars, went on home and crawled back under the covers. It was good. 2014 will be our next one, hope the sky is clear!

This is a special time as we turn a new leaf into a VERY EVENTFUL 2012! Please see your CERENA'S ItsAstroLogical NEWSLETTER, Special Edition, 2012! for next year's highlights! We have some rare events happening, some important events! There is the Venus Transit the Sun, Uranus square Pluto exact for the first times, our Presidential Elections, 12:12:12, the 26,000 year turnover of the Mayan Calendar!
There are no exact outer planet transits during this Capricorn. There are three ongoing outer planet transits of note, involving all the outer planets!!! Mars is getting ready to retrograde, which it does only every two years.

1) Jupiter in Taurus is closely sextile Chiron in Pisces all during Capricorn. It starts while Jupiter is still Retrograde; Jupiter directs Christmas Day, Dec 25. Then things will start moving forward, slowly at first.

Taurus and Pisces can both be very sweet signs, though Taurus is sometimes thought to be selfish and unmovable, and Pisces simply oblivious. Both have very strong associations with Venus - in Taurus, a beautiful body, love, attracting money. In Pisces, the love of Soul, soulmates, surrender to another or a cause one loves more than one loves oneself, the ability to live in sacrifice, poverty. At times that can be a form of non contribution, another form of selfishness! Yet, in simple earthly ways, Taurus is grains in the fields; Pisces provides the fishes - the loaves and the fishes - let no one go hungry. Jupiter wants generous well being through knowledge. Chiron is intentional healing. Learn and be healed. Education releases Magic! More

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2) Saturn in Libra is making a trine, within one degree, or in the same degree, with Neptune in Aquarius! Though it is VERY close, it never makes the exact aspect because it is slowing to retrograde Feb 7, and Neptune goes on into Pisces Feb 3, leaving Saturn behind. The trine won't be made until Saturn enters Scorpio in October.

In Libra and Aquarius, relationships with partners - personal and business, friends, professional associations, community service organizations, are being assessed. To work with whom, for how much, how long, doing what. Is there a fair balance, respect, meaningful effect achieved. If change is in the offing, how to do it, let go of fears, get a fresh start. With planets in the last 3 degrees of signs, as these are, sometimes finishing right where you are must happen before the release to the next level. Do it honor. Make a mature and worthy foundation, secure for the important things to come. Saturn is rock and Neptune is tidal, so let life's tides flow over your bedrock. Nature's washing machine, natural refreshment.

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3) The most long term aspect is the Uranus square Pluto. It has been with us in close range since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. For some it has been a very long passage. When it passes their degree(s) of activation, it will lighten and changes made will pay off. The square itself happens 7 times exactly! The first is June 24, 2012, the last is March 16, 2015, at 8, then 6 degrees Aries/Capricorn.

Spark, fizzle and sizzle! Uranus rules lightening and Pluto rules the Underworld. The 8th and last Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, surely fits this time! Uranus is the unusual and Pluto is death and wealth - Deathly Hallows is the fastest selling book of all time, selling 15 million copies in the first 24 hours. Authoress J.K. Rowling is the first female billionaire novelist (Forbes). Uranus rules the Internet. At 27, Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of facebook, is the world's youngest billionaire. Net worth: $3.5 billion. Mark Zuckerberg, facebook's founder, only 8 days older, is worth 17.5B, America's 14th-richest man!

The rest of us are succeeding and failing in our various ways. Financial matters afoot, death stalking some of us, parents working hard to give their children good lives, many are giving their shirts politically and in person to save our planet. The Internet is a more powerful tool than ever imagined, keeping us informed, gathering fundings, sending petitions at crucial times. Shaken and stirred....

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Dec 24 Christmas Eve New Moon at 2 Capricorn, 10:06 AM Pacific. In the last Lunar action of 2011, several planets are in close relationships with each other. Our 2 degree Cap New Moon is semi sextile Venus and trine Jupiter, the two most favored planets - love, money, travel, education! It is in positive sextile Chiron of marriage, business ventures and healing. The challenging square with Uranus throws in a wild card...who knows what will come, who will come and go?! Perhaps better to trust yourself rather than a friend at this time. The New Moon is conjunct Pluto, no argument, a powerful connection. Can be extraordinary financial ideas, deeper relationship, matters of retirement or end of life as it has been known. Things can come to a screeching halt, end, or be cleared for an unforgettable passage that endures against all odds! The Sun is in his annual conjunction with Pluto, strongly in effect until exact Wed Dec 28. Pluto Capricorn type businesses started under this auspice may thrive until they make their last conjunction in Capricorn Dec 2023, eleven years.

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Jan 1, 2012 Happy New Year!
Jan 4 Earth perihelion, closest to Sun during the year, thought by some to be the true New Year!

Jan 8 Full Moon at 18 Cancer/Capricorn, 11:30 PM Pacific. This Full Moon starts the 2012 Lunar year at 18 degrees, the closest and only planet in the mix is Mars at 21 Virgo! The Moon is sextile Mars, the Sun is trine! Looks like motivation, leadership, exercise make the difference. In Virgo, it could be organizing your work, taking health matters into your own hands, getting a new pet?! Enlisting the help of your family may cost less, or simply hiring a helper may keep peace. There may be tender feelings with Mama Moon in her own sign Cancer, so gentle down your approaches. Capricorn can seem too businesslike at times; Mars is so gung ho there is no particular thought, just spontaneous action. If Cancer has been dawdling, eating too much, Mars and Cap may be just the ticket to get out and get something going! Often even a small start is all it takes to tip the balance!

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Getting ready for the 2012 Mars Retrograde Jan 24 to April 14!
Mars retrogrades in Virgo from 23 degrees back to 3. Get your machinery in order, including your vehicle, bicycle if you commute with it. Clean things up that could cause a slow down or lost time looking for lost items. When you put that item where you will be sure to find it, perhaps put notes in a couple places to help you locate it in case your thinking changes by when you need it. Get orders filled, have enough stock on hand as you can anticipate to keep things going smoothly so you don't have to wait for delayed materials. We are talking 11 weeks' worth. See your health advisors. Take care of any pet matters. Take care of complications with new projects, employer/employee matters, tenancy issues, bookkeeping. Some of this will depend on which house(s) and which of your planets are activated in your personal chart, so let's take a look at that for you.

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As always, depending on how these configurations connect to your chart, or if not at all, they can work better or worse, or not at all, for you personally. If you don’t know astrology yourself, for best results, have a professional astrologer check them out for you. Blessings.

--> Make your appointment for a reading to see how these factors are activating your chart! Call if you need chart timing adjusted to your location.   805-898-7888 [email protected] Thanks!


Sign*Smart! Capricorn, the Candle of Winter

This Capricorn marks it being a year from the time the Mayan Calendar turnover occurs in Dec 2012! Capricorn, of Saturn and Father Time, is always the sign that Greets the New Year! It's a time of rituals, honoring wisdom, applying skills accrued to over winter. Sharing and gifting declare our love and bonding, our implied willingness to help if needed. As Capricorn is associated with disbelievers and Scrooge, over conserving, it is also when Angels and the magic of the generosity of St Nicolas, Santa Claus, comforts us, makes us feel safe. We will be cared for no matter what! Light is believed to come from the Dark.

Capricorn's connection to 2012's June 5 Gemini Venus Transit the Sun, will be to make sure every word counts, no idle chit chat, but to focus input keeping priorities, writing down the goals, taking charge, making sure they get done. In fact, the Moon will BE in Capricorn during the Venus Transit Sun! When things get stuck and stuffy, Gemini will bounce out a few more ideas and a breath of fresh air will get things going again! Venus knows it is important to say things with a smile and from the heart with a lot of love, ESPECIALLY the tough things. The tougher the customer, the brighter the smile, yours, and often theirs! And smiles are free! Cap works hard to bring love to life! It knows words have meaning and timing counts. Organizations like ToastMasters, are a force! Master is one of Capricorn's words!

Winter Solstice, the first day of Capricorn, is like a New Year Day for Earth! The Sun King returns, the days get longer! It seems fitting the Mayans might have chosen such a day for their 26,000 year turnover! Not everyone agrees on this date, but personally, I'm ok with it whether it is 'right' or not. One way or another, we will honor the change of times. As always, I think such times of change are much longer than a day. We have had long term governments falling, the whole world is experiencing economic change, the internet has opened our thinking exponentially. In the scheme of 26,000 years, even the 60s could be included in this state of profound change! It could easily be a 100+ years period of change. Individual Enlightenment can happen at the snap of fingers, an epiphany in a moment, but collectively, it takes more time. First one, then another, and another....

It seems fitting such a magic date of change should occur in Capricorn, the sign of time and science, archaeological antiquities, profound archetypes, the Builders of the Future. It crosses a total spectrum of energy. On the one side, under the cold crisp snow, is hibernation, slow mo, bears birthing cubs in the cave. The other side holds incredible zest as the topsiders glide on skis turning somersaults down the slope! The air is clean, invigorating. The sun sparkles on each particle of brilliant snow, or wave, bewitching, delighting every moment! The nights are starry and enchanting!

If it is a little dark for you, Light a Candle, let Love Shine.

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* 3 Ways to Take Great Care of Yourself!
* Christmas!


Happy Birthdays, Capricorns!

Danny MacAskill, Capricorn, 4 planets Sagittarius, Mars conjunct Pluto!  Amazing street trials rider!My last hero of 2011 choice is Danny MacAskill, street trials rider. Heard of him? Probably if you are a bike rider. He's phenomenal! Dec 23, 1985 Capricorn - control and timing, 4 planets in Sagittarius - loves to travel, Mars conjunct Pluto - no fear, Moon in Taurus - strength and stamina! His roommate's video of him went viral to the tune of 27 million viewers. His second had 3 million viewers in one month! Here is a Red Bull sponsored video treat of him in action! Way Back Home It follows him on a journey from Edinburgh back to his hometown Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye. You can see why he gave up his job as a mechanic so he could ride full time. National Geographic Magazine has nominated him for the 2012 Adventurer of the Year! You can vote for him until mid January if he is your choice. "I never had the goal of being a professional rider," says MacAskill. "I just wanted to ride my bike."

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Christmas, the Christ's Story, a Capricorn.Though the Christian world has decided Christ was born on Christmas Day, there are many who think otherwise. But Capricorn fits. Capricorn is associated with construction, building, and Christ was thought to have been a carpenter! One of the great tenets of faith about Christ is he was dedicated, fully committed, through all kinds of obstacles, against long odds, with laws, politics and the authorities against him - all Capricorn matters. Yet he persevered and became the top Dog in spite of Death itself! He was both on his knees in surrender many times, and he rose to do Miracles that lifted him way beyond the average beings of any time! More Capricorn. Whether you believe in this Story or not, the principles are neatly laid. You decide your task, work it with honor, balance surrender with pride of accomplishment. Capricorn is considered the Magician of Time, no wasted motion, gets there like a well oiled machine of the highest order. Pay attention, step by step, it's amazing how far you can go! Past errors are avoided, be here now, fully present, keep an eye to the goal. Down on your knees is good - prayer, surrender, openness to being shown, humility, wonder, gratitude. May the Angels guide you and keep you in innocence, a form of true power!

All my love, thanks for your kind support, your patronage over the years, you new clients.

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Special image found at Our Beautiful World & Universe Alpine Climbers, Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps

Happy Birthdays, Capricorns!
True. No mountain too high. Take us with you!

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