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The Time of Your Life

Life is the Theatre, YOU are the Production
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Horary Question Charts - Will we marry? Will I get the job?

When did the realtor tell you about that house? Horary gets down to the bones of Western astrology. You are either right or wrong. And it's a great challenge to see if you can do it! One of my greats was a chart for my then husband who wanted to know if he should buy the property. Everything about it was wonderful, just what he wanted. I was shocked at the screaming no answer the chart gave. He trusted my track record and didn't buy it. A year later it burned to the ground in a fire that took many homes in Santa Barbara. With it went all the adjacent buildings he would have counted on renting to make the finances work. They couldn't be rebuilt because laws had changed since they were built. Whew!

It takes a little courage to do horary but it sure tests your skills. You will be a better astrologer for it. It, like Progressions, marches to a different drummer, it has its own set of rules. Please see Books if you want to give it a whirl. And good luck. It will try your patience, but then, that's good, you'll get stronger.

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Election Charts - When do you want to open that business?

This is one of astrology's most valuable tools and one of its most frustrating. If you love to pit your wits with the universe, this is for you! I love it! Someone comes to you and wants the best wedding date in the next two weeks. That's a toughie. You have not one, but two peoples' charts plus what's going on in the sky with very little time to pick from! Sometimes they give you The Date they already picked, because it's a family date or another reason, and all you get to pick is the time of day! Nevertheless, it is a great service. I call it stacking the deck. Get the most favorable odds you can.

Personally, I need all the help I can get! So this chart picks a time in the future to enact an event. People have differing opinions on what is best, very little is researched. It's another 'real' way of learning astrology. You are either right or wrong. Try it. Talk to Dave at Astrology Center of America,, to select a couple good books.

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