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Where you live is a big investment!

Where You Do Business is a Big Investment!
Be informed. Make an educated choice.

Your Reading | Relocation Charts | City Charts | Move When?! | Vacation-Business

Let AstroLocality be your guide to your best places, whether it is business, sacred space, or looking for a lover!Astro*Locality Reading Where and When?
You must have your BirthTIME for map readings

How soon before a move do I need to do my Map Reading?
Is there more than one kind of Astro*Locality map?
Can I use my maps for anything besides deciding where to live?
Where will I meet my lover?!


Every place is a good place for something, plus, you don't have to go there to use it! For example, you may live near your Jupiter line and meet famous people, but your spouse is from your Venus line, and you do a lot of internet business with people in Beverly Hills! Why? Because your chart connects there!

In each place we live, vacation, or do business, we activate the qualities of the planets emphasized at those locations. With your map, you can use these connections specifically and deliberately. I'm in favor of stacking the deck! Increase your potential!

Select the best places Make the most of where you are, or travel to the best place for your family.  AstroLocality is the tool of choice for the right Path!for you and your Honey! If your family is moving, I suggest making your final choice based on the breadwinner's maps and charts. The maps and charts of the rest of the family will help them get their best results at the new location. If you are staying here, get your maps and chart for here!

If you know you will have a window of opportunity to make a significant change of location, are getting tired of a location, always wanted to go to _______, or are selecting a school, get a reading as soon as you can! Give your subconscious something to chew on in the dreamtime. Maybe you are a little scared to make such a big move and need to adjust, get prepared. Maybe you aren't quite sure where. If your timing allows, it's smart to give it some time. More information may be coming.

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Your Astro*Locality Reading

The formula is: Astro*Locality Maps + Relocation Charts + Chart of the City + Your Progressions and Transits

I emphasize doing a thorough job, including reference to your birthchart and your AstroLocality maps. Additional specific details include using Relocation Charts and the charts of cities or area charts for locations you are considering. Last, a look at your timing is a must for best times to go check out potential locations or whether this is a good time to make that change at all!

Jim Lewis style Astro*Locality style map.  Better yet, are maps like this but with sextiles, squares, trines added.First: We will do an overview for general locations. Even if you already have a couple spots in mind, I like to see if you are going from the frying pan to the fire, or if there is something even better than what you are already considering!

We will use a free online Jim Lewis style (example at left) map but with the additional sextiles, squares and trines.

Second: During your reading, after we look at your general locations, we will fine tune using your Relocation Charts. Besides the planets of emphasis that show on your maps, we look at your financial aspects at that location, neighbors, love factors, even more details as you wish. If your BirthTIME is accurate, a few miles can make a significant difference in your choices. This is worth checking.

Third: Cities have charts. If we have time and the chart is available, we look at your chart compared to the chart of the location you are interested in. Along a 'positive' Astro*Locality line there may be a city you don't like or there may be a sweet spot along a 'negative' line. Cities' charts are calculated from the moment of incorporation. That's why in a suburban area, some areas go much better with you than others. The general tone of a city's chart may delight you or not. Do two or three charts of cities you have loved then the same for cities you didn't love a lot! (Good grief, that looks like your ex lover's chart!) If your business is communication, and the city's Mercury trines its own Jupiter, go for it! The city will like you!

Remember, the basic character of a city is not going to change, it is bigger than you are, a collective, you will have to adapt to it!

Fourth: When you move makes a big difference!Timing is a prime consideration! When is a good time for moving, doing business at that location?! Difficulty at your current location may be temporary, you might have hard times now no matter where you go! Where you are now may still be your best location after all. Maybe it will be good to go in two years. Clear up things here, have enough time to make a smooth transition. Or, pack those bags and get outta Dodge now, and Lady Luck go with you!

Also do the progressions and transits of cities you select, paying special attention to the parts of the chart related to the kind of job/business you want to do there. That location might be good for three years, then it might be good to relocate. Or if it is a short tough time, ride it out if it's intrinsically favorable in that area.

Be wise!  Choose your life's best itineray!  So choose the best places to flourish financially, do work you love, create what makes your heart sing, meet very special people, feel great about yourself, have excellent health and vitality. See where your loved ones come from and the meaning they have in your life. Or, and, of course, find the best places to search for your mate, whether on the internet or in person! If you stay right here, maximize good living at your current location!

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Going Somewhere, on Vacation?!

Meet someone special, open a branch, choose your university?  Know before you go!Plan your itinerary to your best benefit and enjoyment! Stay longer where it's comfortable, pleasing, supportive. Go at your best time. Select your own special power places, sweet spots for summer vacation, especially, 'round the world itineraries, places of Spirit.

Business Choices

Send those mailers, publish, go to school, seminars where and when it counts. Open your branch office, install a production plant, choose a territory in profitable locales. Make major computer purchases from your best locations. Makes sense.

You see? You can use your map all the time, right from where you live!

If a Locality Reading is over the top for your budget, one alternative, if you know astrology, is to get Relocation Charts, interpret them yourself. If you don't feel confident to do that, then by all means, get a Horizons Astro*Map Report! Though computer generated, the Reports are still based on your personal birth data and have excellent information in them!

**If you do countrywide or international business - internet or otherwise, travel a lot, it would pay you to have the Horizons Astro*Mapping program for your own use! I highly recommend that you buy this software! Please go to my Links page, and click on the Horizons graphic. If you make a purchase, it will be credited to me. Thank you so much!

I've always loved doing map readings! I was in Jim Lewis's very first training in 1985, am a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy® consultant! Jim was Astro*Carto*Graphy's award winning modern founder. Since he was an avid traveler, he knew about what he taught from personal experience.

The stars led the wisemen; AstroLocality puts you on the right Path!
THANKS, looking forward to reading your maps!
Happy Trails!
Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.


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