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Your Best Lover

The Best Signs for You!

You may be relieved & refreshed by my thoughts on this issue!

First, I believe in relating. It's intimate, comforting. We mirror the other's blind spots, grow and strengthen together, live longer. We take care of each other and have a better quality of life. We share, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I like that math! So let's invest wisely….

Now…. There are the traditional approved combos - fire with air, earth with water. That means fiery Aries, Leo and Sagittarius with themselves or airy Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Or earthy Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn with themselves or watery Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. That would be fine if that were all there is in your chart! Or theirs!

Your chart is a combination of signs. Let's say your sun sign is earthy Virgo, your Moon is fiery Aries. That combination isn't considered easy in your chart, let alone mixed with someone else's! The same effect ripples out to them. Let's say they are a 'good' sign for you… earthy Capricorn. Not good with your fiery moon! None of the earth or water signs is good with that Aries. It's the way it is.

So what to do?! Look for an overall combination that is sweet. A person who also has that Virgo/Aries combination in their chart would understand. Make sure the vitals are taken care of. We make sure the sensitive Moon is comforted. We get the communication Mercurys in empathy. We try to keep Mars from being in an irritable combination and Saturn from being too stern.

Certain aspects are simply difficult. All the rest of a comparison may be wonderful, but that one aspect may be the reason one partner leaves. Sometimes there are just too many difficult aspects no matter how informed you are, how much counseling you have done, how mature you are. Nothing wrong with the people, they are just more different than is fun. Often, compatibility is not the issue, understanding is everything. Be good to each other.

So, looking for those traditional Sun Sign combinations simply isn't enough.

Generally, get to know the new person a little. Often you will know if you are compatible in two to three encounters. I would want to see their chart right away and save time! Matters of the heart are too important to leave to chance and wishful thinking, banking on your perseverance, your flexibility or maturity or… to bring you through. Nor is it fair to play with another's heart.

Then, God, Great Spirit sometimes takes over!!! Some relationships have special qualities related to past life connections or Karma that make for a different assessment than by the standard rules of compatibility. Relationships are learning places, a part of your soul's growth, along the Great Path, the Starry Way. Each person gifts our path; let them give their gift! The soul knows its perfect choices. Each of us is on our soul's very own timing, doing the best we can. May not look like it right now, but in time we usually see the why of it. Sometimes you have to stand pretty far back to get perspective. And I'm not saying to be a victim. Your wisdom and strengthening, practice and power, is to choose whom to be with and how long being in that relationship makes sense.

In the very big picture, I think some people are meant to be with the same partner in harmony for a long time and others aren't. The latter seem to learn their fill with one person, sometimes intensely so, sometimes many years, then go to the next relationship and learn that piece. Perhaps they pay off a karmic debt, help someone through a life passage. Undoubtedly, some people need to learn harmony. And they keep trying, each relationship a stage along the way. Often, even if the reading indicates a difficult relationship, they do it anyway until it's done! I'm definitely not encouraging irresponsibility or unkindness. But, who can know what another soul's walk is? No judgments.

This too, makes for a different assessment than the standard rules of 'compatibility.' I think 'compatibility' is part a matter of maturity, part who we're capable of relating with, though generally those old astrology rules really work! I think another facet of 'compatibility' is that each person's chart is so unique that I want to throw the old concepts of 'compatibility' out the window! For example, some Aquarius people just don't want those ooey gooey romantic love combinations. They need 'space', don't just hug them because you want to. Have respect and ask first! I don't know if there are stats, but I thought I heard Scorpios are the most likely to marry their own sign. Makes sense to me. That's a sign with a soft underbelly and they don't always want to talk a lot. They can be hard drivers in public but want to rest at home. Takes one to know one!

Others love a challenging relationship, would be BORED without it! Or maybe it takes that volume of energy to break through their defenses! Go figure. Each of you is unique. Differences can be celebrated and delegated! Thank God you don't have to do everything yourself! Astrology is so complex that I think we do it, and yourself, an injustice to think there is a 'best sign for you!' If you are comfortable with this thinking, let me work for you.

I pray you take the very best care of yourselves and each other, Precious Ones. Stay in your hearts. Thank each other every day. What we are grateful for grows.

~ Thank you for Your Trust ~

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