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Let me walk through your mind..............

In alphabetical order….
Some things contradict!
I'm on the cusp…
Talk about death?
Fate or Freedom?
'Good' sign, 'bad' sign
How soon can I be an astrologer?
Your intercepted houses
What is 'Karma?'
Astrology & Psychology - Degrees?
Why are colors different for different signs/planets in different references?
Rulers, your most important planet - Dignities, Detriment, Exaltation, Fall
Their birthday is on the same day!
A lot of my family has their birthdays in the same month!
Transcend your chart?
What about twins?!
Are people who get readings weak, etc. just want to be told what to do?

Some things Contradict!
Yes! And bless the balance! Have a wide range of options at your fingertips! This is classically symbolized by the Aries/Libra 'opposition'/polarity in astrology. Be yourself and graciously have partners without losing yourself. Enjoy visiting a foreign country, bring the best home! Sometimes we reach out and never go home! What used to be the terms of your balance just changed to a new level. Sometimes the wisdom of balance is to use your talents as the situation warrants. When in Rome….

So, in one sense, there are no contradictions at all, just different skills used in a timely fashion! In the system of astrology they just happen to be in a circle and 'appear' to be opposite! What if we added a new sign, just one, just like 'new' planets have been discovered?! There haven't always been 12 zodiacal signs like we have now, sometimes there were more, sometimes less, but I think they have always been symmetrical. Hmm….

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I'm on the cusp….
If it is your ascendant or a house cusp, an accurate birthtime will clarify. If you don't know if the first breath is what was timed when you were born, you may need to adjust your chart. When you get specific with your interpretation, you can tell which sign your ascendant really is.

Neighboring signs are so incredibly 'opposite!' Aries is all action, Taurus can sit, Gemini talks, Cancer feels, Leo creates, Virgo works, Libra socializes, Scorpio observes, Sagittarius seeks, Capricorn sets priorities, Aquarius networks, Pisces has the vision! Be specific. The ascendant is how you look to others. If you have planets at or aspecting your ascendant or on the angles, your appearance will be a combination of those features.

If you were born a day or two of a sign change, your Sun sign is either one or the other sign. Mercury, the planet of how we think, is always 28° either side of the sun. That means it could be in the same or neighboring sign of your Sun sign when you are born. Venus travels 48° either side of the Sun. So it could be in the same or any of the two neighboring signs of your Sun sign when you are born. It is likely that your Mercury or Venus are in the sign on the cusp your Sun sign isn't in! You would have traits of that sign because Mercury or Venus, or even other planets, are in that sign, not because you are 'born on the cusp.'

I think if you put an apple next to an orange, that apple will never be or look like the orange. I think when a chart is interpreted specifically, we can see where the confusion comes in. Maybe Mercury, Venus, your Ascendant/Rising signs are in that neighboring sign. Maybe there are a lot of planets in a house related to the sign next to your Sun sign. A planet, of the nature of that sign, could be in a potent position that flavors you that way.

Be specific. The Sun is your will, heart, creativity. Mercury is how you think. Venus is what you value. Each one applies differently.

There are a lot of possibilities. Again, be specific with your chart. You'll learn your true powers.

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Talk about death?
Kindly. Comfortingly. Realistically.
What service is it to not tell someone you see that issue coming up? Death is many things. It can be letting go of a way of life, losing your marriage, changing your work, transitioning a loved one, a near death wake up call.

Talking about it helps you focus when it might be difficult to face what's coming. Usually you already have an idea what/who you will be needing to let go of. You can use that time in a good way, make it count. If you anticipate a human loss, get support for that person if they can receive it, make amends, make a point to share some very precious time, record your stories, get things in order, get support for the upcoming times both for before and after. I think it's time to share, not suffer alone with our fears, either person's. Love each other.

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Fate or Freedom
I like to think it's both, but who can prove it? Molecular theory says molecule bumps molecule. If you kill that ant…. You do have the chart you were born with. Then there is everything else since. The fate was to be born with that chart, the freedom is what you do with it. Nature and nurture, it seems.

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'Good' Sign, 'bad' Sign
Makes me want to quote a song! Every sign is 'good' and every sign is 'bad!' Every planet, every house, every aspect is good/bad. 'Bad' signs usually depend on who you are talking with! They have had difficulty with that sign. Usually it's a part of their own chart that is under stress about that issue. I have my students make a list of signs, planets, houses and aspects and write the positive and negative issues for each!

You don't have to keep company with a sign you are uncomfortable with. Work on yourself. If you do spend time with a person that has a 'bad' sign for you, focus on what is good and useful about them. Ask them to bring their kind of wisdom to bear on a topic you need that kind of help with. Watch how they do it so you can strengthen in that department of your life!

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How soon can I be an Astrologer?
That depends a lot on you and your circumstances. There are wonderful schools, correspondence and in person. Go to conferences. Go to local chat groups, read everything, get private tutoring, get on the Internet!

See if it is legal where you live. Is there a market for it, a big enough population base to support a career in astrology? Often there are no more formalities than making a business card! We call them legal and medical practices. Astrology is the same. Practice with humans who have big eyes for what you are saying. Their need will call you to do your best, learn, learn, learn, practice, practice, practice.

Work on yourself. The more you know, the more you can help others. Keep learning. A good astrologer is always becoming an astrologer.

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Your intercepted houses
What? It may not occur in your chart, so you never heard of it! Some of you, however, may find, if you look at the signs around your chart, there are some missing! Not really, they are 'intercepted,' completely within the cusps they are between! For example, a cusp may be 26° Virgo, the next one 3° Scorpio. Libra then is fully, all of it's 0° to 29°, included between those two cusps. On the other side of your chart the same will occur with the opposite sign Aries.

No you're not missing anything! You can still be married and independent!!! Some say the issues of that sign are harder to enact. I haven't seen any studies to that effect. Truthfully, I haven't pursued the issue. A lot of times we don't if it isn't in our own personal chart. It is someone else's specialty. Check it out for yourself.

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What is 'Karma?!'
It is speculated that we have issues, for better, for worse, we carry over from past lives. Issues we come in with at birth like physical disabilities or being amazingly talented at a young age, are direct carry overs. Sometimes we pay off 'debts,' sometimes they are paid to us. We'll probably make a few mistakes and accrue good 'karma' too in this life! Be as good as you can!

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Astrology & Psychology - Degrees?
I would like to see them merge because I think astrology has the timing, psychology has the therapy programs. I don't want to see them merge and eliminate psychics and sensitives who don't do well with exams and regulations, who have insights that go beyond a formalized way of understanding and healing. There isn't enough knowledge yet to bridge the gap between understanding the mechanics of parapsychology and applying it. When psychics can get 'degrees' by being psychic, we'll talk!

The same goes for astrology degrees. Many people who are excellent intuitives don't have the capacity for a formalized degree. Many combine what they know about astrology and their insights in a very loving, helpful, healthy, creative way because they didn't know the rules!

On another note, you are not a counselor unless you have had that training, so refer your clients out to astrology friendly therapists when it is out of your league. Some places it is illegal to refer to what you do as astrological 'counseling.' Personally I think that is the way it should be. A lot of us do have natural wisdom, or life experience that makes us insightful, but I do think astrology and psychology are different. Some of your clients may need ongoing support of a trained therapist that knows your client's diagnosis, knows the specific healing stages their situation is likely to need and can guide them along their path. Refer wisely. Please.

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Why are colors, etc. different for different signs and planets, in different references?!
Simply, astrological artists are different. What works for one may not for another, and it may be different at different times and be 'right.' I believe there are different soul levels and the color systems, etc, are different at different levels.

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Rulers, your most important planet - Dignity, Detriment, Exaltation, Fall
This is kind of a 'good' sign, 'bad' sign issue. In horary astrology, a question/answer kind of astrology, it may help weight the answer one way or another. In a person's chart, I would like to see a healthy attitude about learning, being responsible for doing one's best, no excuses because of a difficult planet/sign combination.

Let me go back. The ruling planet in your chart can be determined several ways, so which ruling planet are they referring to? I question that an astrologer could come up to you and say which your ruling planet is. Even if they did, it might be prominent in your chart for a different reason. I'm not sure it makes any real difference that you have a ruling planet. Each planet has an essential part to play (although the famous psychic Edgar Cayce said we don't use every planet in every life), and you were born with your planets where they are and they aren't going to change! I say you are equally them all, make good with what you've got!

I think a lot of what we think is 'good', 'bad,' is cultural mindset, parental influence. See how the energy of all your planets and aspects can be used to their potential! By the old rules, Jupiter may be 'exalted' in Cancer, but you may eat way too much and have suffocating junk in your closets. Jupiter square Saturn (the planet of Jupiter's 'detriment') may trim you down and teach you to focus on the long term. When one person whines when that transit comes (a planet in the sky aspects a planet in your birth chart), the person who was born with it has become the expert! You may not like it in the short term, but down the road you may be one very grateful human!

What service is it for me to tell a person they have a planet in 'detriment?' They can't be reborn. It sounds pitiful. Let's just talk about how it works, for better or worse, just like any sign, planet, aspect. Let's do without these old terms or change them.

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Their birthday is on the same day!
Let's party!
They will be like you a lot or a little! Some years the planets near the Sun are in the same signs as yours, other years they aren't. You may be uncannily alike in some respects, but so afar in others. If you are born several years apart, the outer planets will indicate generational differences. If you are born in the same year, the time of day of your birth will have effect. The time of your birth changes your Ascendant/Rising Sign, what you look like. You may look some the same but mostly different. People born on a different day with the same Ascendant/Rising Sign as yours may look more like you.

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A lot of my family has their birthdays in the same month!
Common. I think families are soul groups that incarnate together to learn chosen issues. When you look at the family's charts, you see the same Ascendant/Rising Signs, moon signs over and over. They say children and parents agree on the soul level to work together before the baby is born. They say children choose to be born to those parents for their next best step of learning.

Why would a child choose abusive parents? The soul is a big place. It knows the big picture. Maybe that person mistreated others before, is learning humility, kindness, self discipline, compassion. Maybe the whole family is 'young' souls learning as best they can. Maybe that child is 'teaching' the parents by the incredible strength it has to survive, to be a personal example in their lives of what life could be. Some save their siblings, and even their own mothers. Many survivors go on from tremendous suffering to lead miraculous lives.

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Transcend your chart?
We do hear people say, 'You've changed, I didn't recognize you!' Be the best person you can be. Your chart will carry you the rest of the way. Remember, it is your soul's path. When planets change signs or houses in your Progressions or the Progressed Moon crosses your Ascendant or Sun, I often find those to be major life shifts. Astrology is just a map of the soul's timing.

Some people lead a spiritual life and meditate thinking they will transcend. I find the spiritual masters are incredibly realized and they are their charts personified! Others of you want to leave the body because life can get pretty rocky. Get some help. Sometimes you just can't do it alone. Living with your own thinking too much is another kind of incest! Use your chart. This too will pass, do the best you can, one breath at a time if necessary.

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What about twins?!
Studies show twins separated at birth, not living with their parents, are uncannily alike! Twins that live with their birth parents are encouraged to be different. Even one minute can make a difference in the way the Ascendant/Rising Sign is positioned, changing a person's physical appearance. That's why twins born even a few minutes apart look slightly different. (For those of you who know astrology, look at the dwadasamas - each sign is divided into the twelve signs again, similar to the way the signs are divided into decanates.)

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Are people who get readings weak,
just want to be told what to do?

LOL!!!! That would make my life easy! But I like skeptical clients who think for themselves. Why should I be responsible for someone else's life? I've got one of my own! My clients tend to be go-getters! They might need a jump start from time to time or a boost. They, like me, whine some, but after that, on with it! I would be too bored and quit doing astrology if they just wanted to be told what to do!

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