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Relocation Charts

Whether you are moving, traveling, selecting a school, or the place to get married, astrolocality is super important!  Do your Relocation Charts, including where you are now, to see which are your best places!

Relocation Charts, Your Relocated Birthchart!

How long have you lived where you live? Do you want to move somewhere else? What are the details at that location?

Relocation Charts give invaluable details to select the right place for what you want to do! Your birthchart can be recalculated for any location! You want to get married in Fiji? Check it out! You're studying in Paris for the summer? You want to move to Hawaii? And what about that ceremony at the pyramids?!

Some of us think if you have 'become a part of the place you live,' your relocated birthchart is the active chart! So get a chart for where you live now! Check it out for yourself. See if transit planets changing houses has effect.

Your birth planets remain at the exact same signs, degrees and minutes but your Ascendant/Rising Sign often changes and the planets change houses and the house cusps change signs! Sometimes only one planet changes houses, but it makes THE difference! A hundred miles or less can make that difference!

If you don't feel up to interpreting charts on your own, do try out the Report that does it for you, Horizons AstroMapping! The best buy is actually a reading, starts @ $98/hr. A reading can find major areas first, then narrow it down, is flexible, and includes Relocation Charts as we go! You are not limited to only the cities your choose, as when you get a Report. Do the very best you can, it's worth it!

Back to Relocation Charts. Charts done for significant locations you have been to, tell amazing stories. By scanning them, you can get good clues for future choices, what to avoid, what to go for! Feel better, attract your birthright potential!

There's no place like home.

There's no place like….

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