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Matrix Search Program, part of Win*Star Astrology Program by Matrix Software

*** Matrix Search Reports, Cerena's Life Scan! ***

Proud!  In 2008, after a 15 year wait, a program I designed was incorporated with another fabulous set of programs! My parts of the Search program are the Life Scan and Life Scan Current Transits!

Here is a little astrological history to explain why it took so long. Just after the time I had Matrix’s expert programmer Stephen Erlewine do my custom program, the Internet struck! People were being introduced to astrology in droves, astrology sites flourished, mainly through the computerized interpretive Reports! Now a lot of those people are saturated, some of them have learned quite a bit of astrology and are hungry for MORE! Matrix Search gives us the tools to see the overview, to dig out the significant parts and pieces, then put it all back together again in an informed and timely whole!

Matrix Search will do personal searches, search your past, your current time, your future. More amazing, it will do yours compared with another's! That's a first! It will also do general predictive searches, for any planet configurations you desire, even for planetary patterns including Grand Squares and Trines and all the others! Aptly named, it searches the matrices of your life, your karmic and spiritual patterns!

Except for the Retrogrades Report, the Reports below are not interpretive! Please see the samples!

Here's what you can get!

Your Planner | Planet Patterns-Retrogrades | For Two! | Your Life Scan | Buy Matrix Search!

Your Planners

Month at a Glance Planner SAMPLE with your own personal Progressions and Transits per day, including the Moon's aspects! It also shows the Moon and Sun through your houses, Mercury Retrograde periods, the Moon's cycles and lunations! Email, one month per page, start any month, 12 months, only $10

Year at a Glance Planner SAMPLE Your outer planet and Mars Transits, your Progressions, with your Progressed Sun interpreted by degree, your Progressed Moon and Transiting Saturn by House. Email, 1 year per page, start any year, 5 years, $5

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Your Planet Patterns Reports

Matrix Search astrology horoscope Report, your Personal Yearly Retrogrades, of your astrology horoscope!  Not just Mercury, but ALL the planets!Your Personal Yearly Retrogrades, ALL of them, not just Mercury! SAMPLE - This Report IS interpretive! It lists the beginning to last date of the Retrograde pattern, shows the sign and house the planet is in in your chart, along with important aspects that planet makes during the Retrograde, both in a graphic format and an easy list, each item interpreted for you. Perfect for avoiding questionable times making the most of times safest to move forward! Email only $5

Matrix Search astrology horoscope Report, Saturn Patterns!  From birth to 88 years of age, three Saturn cycles!Life Long Saturn Patterns! SAMPLE This one is not interpretive except for Saturn's current quarter and the house it is now in per your chart. It lists your Saturn Transits (Conjunctions, Squares, Oppositions), planet per planet, from your birth through 3 Saturn cycles, that is, until about age 88! And, it shows Saturn through each of your houses. The year is correlated with your age for easy use. Very handy is a graphic of your chart with major Saturn aspects of the past, and upcoming, with your Sun, Jupiter and Midheaven, plus, where possible, house changes! This Report is splendid  for long term planning! Email $5

88 Years Progressions! SAMPLE Correlating with the Saturn Pattern Report, same format, the Progressions Scan also does the 88 years! It has Progressions to natal, Progressions to Progressions. It focuses on Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus, the faster moving Planets. Your Progressions show both short and longer term cycles, often indicating special events. Email $5

Matrix Search astrology horoscope Report, your Jupiter Patterns, goes ahead two Jupiter cycles past your current one, that's 24 or more years!
Your Jupiter Path!
SAMPLE Also the same format as the Saturn Pattern Report, but goes ahead two Jupiter cycles past the current one, that's 24 or more years. As difficult as Saturn cycles can be, Jupiter often busts us loose, Conjunctions especially! Email $5

Matrix Search astrology horoscope Report, your Mars Transits!  This Report pinpoints when to be cautious.
Mars Transits - Two years per page because that's Mars's cycle length!
Same format as above, oh, so useful! It especially shows times to be careful, not
impetuous! Now we're getting down to action! Email $3/page

Decades Transits and Progressions! SAMPLE In the same format as above, 10 years per page, get as many as you wish! The Transits are Conjunctions and Oppositins only, your Progressions have all the aspects. Your Progressed Sun is by degree, your Progressed Moon and transiting Saturn by houses. These side by side columns make it easy to get a synopsis of the current year. Caution in that the Transits are Conjunctions and Oppositins only. If you are not an experienced student, or astrologer, you might want a more complete Report. Email $5

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For TWO!!! You and yours on the same page, side by side!

Matrix Search astrology horoscope Report,  Progressions and Transits for TWO!  Side by side, so incredibly convenient and easy to use!  Yearly Progressions and Transits for TWO!!! SAMPLE  For more long term planning for TWO, this is the best! Use it first to find a range of time, then the Monthly Progressions and Transits below, to nail down the day!  Sweet! It has outer Planets and your Progressions, plus your Progressed Moon and Transiting Saturn through your Houses! There are two consecutive years per page. Order as many as you like! Email, $3 per page

Monthly Progressions and Transits for TWO!!! SAMPLE If you are working closely with someone on a daily basis, looking for a date for a special event that is important to both of you, like a grand opening or your wedding, when to leave on that trip together, this is a side by side, date by date listing. You will make no mistakes, be way ahead of the game! Besides that awesome bit, are the Moon through its quarters and Mercury Retrogrades! There are two months per page. Order as many as you like for any consecutive two months you want! Email, $3 per page

Here is where not to forget Your personal yearly Retrogrades - please see above! They will help you avoid times when things seem to change at whim, when you wanted them to be stable. If you want things to change, then during Retrogrades is perfect!

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100 Years! One of the most amazing Searches you can do is Your Life Scan!

For those of you that have had readings with me, it has the pages we use labeled Life Scan, that I had them custom program for me! They named that portion of the program Life Scan, exactly what I called it!

Click here to see what that looks like, in color, in Matrix Search. If you want to see how your current transits relate to previous times that combination occurred, click here to see a sample of that part of Life Scan!

The first part of Life Scan is your Progressions, easy to see a year at a glance, or each planet's progress. The bottom part of the page shows the Outer Planet Transits, each to themselves, their cycles. For ease of use, your age and the year it correlates to are at the top. You can easily go to any age or year to see the important aspects that shaped your life. The grid shows your progressed Moon's sign and house throughout your life plus the exact year of your Lunar Returns, Moon/Suns, and Moon/ASCs. It tracks retrogrades, directs, sign and house changes that indicate significant changes in your life, when cycles end, begin, sometimes repeat!

The second part of the Life Scan lists when your current Transits combinations happened before in your life so you can see what you did then, how the aspect is different now. It often changes your thinking completely!

The Life Scan Progressions SAMPLE are a once in a life time purchase. Email $5
The Life Scan Transits SAMPLE you need to update each year. Email $5

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You can buy Matrix Search!

It has awesome capability! If you love data and being able to see the big picture, this IS the program for you! Matrix Search, is the most powerful search program ever available to astrologers. It is for anyone with an insatiable curiosity about what the future holds – or perhaps why something occurred in the past. You can view your searches as a scan – click and zoom, or as a list, click and instantly pop-up a chart of that event; see all of the influences at play in a given moment. You can compare yours and someone elses Transits and Progressions side by side!

To see some, not even all, of the details of what this program does, click here! If you are in Santa Barbara, I would be delighted to show it to you in person. Matrix Search is simply awesome! It is worth every bit of its price. This program, and Astrolabe's Solar Fire Gold, are the two workhorses of my professional toolkit! And now, 2011, it is one part of the incredible Win*Star Version 4.0!


Well, did you have a good time looking at all those Samples?! Take some notes? Make a list?
Now, order up! No time to lose to get the good stuff! Just tell me what you want, click on one of the Matrix banners on my links page, or go directly to Matrix via this link, so I get credit for your order! Thanks!!!

Matrix Search Program for Progression, Transits, LifeScan, any astrology search you want!

See also TimeLine!

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