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Your Psychic Signs
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In some ancient places the healer's work was divided into three specialties: Seer, Diagnostician, Prescriber

I prefer the old model of team healing. It doesn't put all the responsibility on one person, has the advantage of accumulated wisdom. And then there is a lot to be said for the efficiency of dictatorship! In an emergency, what happens, happens. Otherwise, bring on the team! I submit for your pleasure & rumination, healing & comment….

Psychic Healing Modes Sign Alternative Therapy
Candle Magic
Automatic Body Response/Action

Physical Therapy, Injections
Fast Action Sports, Cycling
Physical Therapy
Grounding, Dowsing

Taurus Yoga, Massage/Touch,
Mud & Mineral Baths
At the farm, on the land….
Voice, Entertainment
Weights, Football
Laying on of Hands
Automatic Writing

Gemini Pranayama (breathwork)
The 'Hood'
Running, Tennis
Mediumship, Channeling
Psychic Memory
Emotional Comfort

Cancer Special Foods/Diets, Cooking
Home, with Family, Moonlight, Bubble Bath
Color Therapy

Leo Sunshine, Light & Color
Creative Arts, Drama
Body Scans
Right Psychic Thinking

Virgo Special Foods, Vitamins
Cleanliness, Orderliness
Crafts, Gardening, Walking 'Right' Attitude, Service
Aura Balancing
Chakra Alignment
Soul Retrieval
Psychic Etiquette

Libra Fine Arts
Air Circulation,
Flower Essences
Dance, Team Sports/Baseball
Psychic Surgeon
Trance, Hypnosis
Sense of Scent

Scorpio Fasting/Purification, Colonics
Caves, Underwater, Darkness
Martial Arts
Prophet, Seer
Remote Viewing, Bilocation


Another Place!
Stretching, Skating, Skiing
High Places, a View Perspective, Teaching

Ceremonial Magic, Rituals & Law
Time Travel


Chiropractic, Posture
Building, One's 'Work'
Mountain Hiking
Contact with Space Beings


Singing, Community Work
Shock Treatments
Air, Flying
Clairaudience, Clairvoyance
Visionary, Dreamer
Ceremonial Drugs
Levitation, Shape Shifter

Pisces Meditation, Rest, Music
Hydrotherapy, Negative Ions Sea, Swimming, Floating Service, The 'Mission'

Your Astrology is more than just your Sun Sign. Please also consider your Ascendant, other Planets, Houses, Aspects!

~ Thanks for your consideration. Use your gifts in a good way. ~

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