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This Astrology, horoscope Report is perfect for you, perfect to get when you get your Friends & Lovers comparisons!

The Sky Within is by Steven Forrest, well known author and astrologer. A sensitively written astrological story about you or someone you want to learn more about. This report describes your Ascendant, Sun and planets in their signs and houses and the Moon's Node. Includes planets conjunct or sharing a house with the sun, moon, or ascendant, as well as houses containing two or more planets. The Sky Within provides plenty of insight, opens you to more possibilities with career and relationships, helps you understand who you are.

This Report is perfect to get when you get Friends & Lovers comparisons. Get one for yourself, one for the other person. Keep one of each for yourself, share as you wish!

A Ventura CA client buys them for her familiy - her older children (Child*Star is for youngers) and family members, in-laws, their loved ones, and newcomers. Perfect gifts for special occasions! She says: I really love the Sky Within reports and appreciate you offering them.

See Sample  Only $19.95 + mailing, email $9.95!  Order now!

Sweet gift to get someone started!

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