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Happy Birthday! Where will you be?

You need to get this chart before your birthday for four good reasons!

1) It doesn't always happen on the calendar day of your birthday.

2) So you can plan a divine ceremony! Ceremony could mean a Parteee!, dinner with your lover, something sacred at the temple! Have fun!!!

3) You may want to see your chart at several locations, pick your best spot!

4) So you can get those cheap, I mean inexpensive, airline tickets on the right days to the right place.

So what is a Solar Return? This is the chart of the moment the Sun in the sky comes back to exactly the same sign, degree and minute as where the sun was/is in your BirthChart! It is your SOLAR birthday, not your calendar birthday. It may occur the day before, the same, or day after your birthday.

At the moment of your Solar Birthday, many people take a few quiet moments, light a candle, do something a little special, to receive the solar waves exact to their special moment of the year, make note of thier impressions and intentions. Some people take the day for personal inventory, how did I do this year? They plan, their astology chart in mind - Progressions & Transits, how to best use the upcoming year. Pays off.

It is common to use a series of Returns to see your unfoldment. If you are just starting, get last year's, this year's and next! Some people go out 3 to 5 years ahead.

Please email my Solar Return(s) now!

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