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TimeLine is a fabulous Astrology, Horoscope Report of your Progressions & Transits,  comprehensive!  Use your time efficiently, know when your windows of opportunity are, work smart!  Plan ahead wisely for best results!

Progressions & Transits for your coming year!

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  Hardcopy $30, or a year for $48, email only $19.95!  
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EASY! Just send Names, Birth Dates, Places & Times of Birth!
Master Card/Visa accepted - Gift Certificates available!

is a comprehensive and powerful tool for forecasting!

Some say karma, some say luck, we say give it your best! Knowing trends and cycles is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself. It's an ancient tool, when to hold, when to go for it! Let's get your script! The past has happened, you do create your future!

Printed by the month, it includes your Transits and Progressions plus the dates planets change signs or houses! Besides combining Transits and Progressions, another special feature is it also has your eclipses! A most useful choice for understanding what's current and planning ahead. As they say, timing is everything!

Take the very best care of yourself and your loved ones!
Make best use of your time, plan wisely.

Your astrology, horoscope TimeLine Report is so worth it!  Your best times to do things that are right for then!  Along with that, get your Astro Locality mapping to find out when and where is best for you!  Save time, makes sense!

See also Matrix Search!

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To order your Charts and Reports, a Gift Certificate, or make an Appointment,
Please Email or Call 805-898-7888

EASY! Just send Names, Birth Dates, Places & Times of Birth!
If for tutoring, bring your charts with you, along with your questions.

Master Card/Visa accepted - Gift Certificates available!

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